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Winch More4x4 Econo 12000lbs

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The solid and durable construction, the engine with a power of up to 6 HP and the reliability of this model make the More 4x4 12000 winch willingly used for everyday, hard work in car transporters, fire trucks and off-road vehicles. It has been tested many times by participants of extreme off-road rallies in extremely difficult conditions. It is also successfully used in special cars and light trucks. The relay box not integrated with the winch allows easy installation of the winch in the so-called narrow spaces, e.g. off-road bumpers. The More 4x4 12000 winch is available in 12 or 24V versions. 5 years warranty

Technical data: Maximum pull: 5450kg (12000lb)

Engine: 6.0 HP / 4.5 KW

Power supply: DC 12V

Control: 3.7 m remote control, wireless control

Gear: planetary, three stages Ratio: 265: 1

Brake: automatic, built-in in the drum

Drum size: diameter: 63.5 mm, length: 224 mm

Rope: steel 26 mx 9.5 mm

Rope guide: 4-way roller guide

Battery: recommended battery min. 64Ah

Power cables: 38.5 mm2, length 183 cm

Weight: 40.0 kg Dimensions W x D x W (W with lever): 530 x 160 x 218 mm

Screw spacing: 254 x 114 mm


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