Roof Rack More4x4 Toyota Landcruiser J120, 2002-2009

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Σχαρα οροφης More4x4 Toyota Landcruiser J120, 2002-2009 Expand

Roof Rack More4x4 Toyota Landcruiser J120, 2002-2009

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850,00 €

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Dedicated to: Toyota Land Cruiser J120
Application: Yearbooks 2002-2009
Platform dimensions: 120 cm x 205 cm
Complete with: B005 platform with BA001 mounting

The More 4x4 roof rack dedicated to Toyota Land Cruiser J120 is a spatial steel structure, powder painted in black, and finished with an external structure.

On the sides of the offroad luggage rack platform there are 30W LED work lamp mounts (BA006) and led panel mounts (BA001) in the front of the boot.

The platform consists of two parts, it is flat in advance and adapted for mounting roof tents. On the upper surface, the offroad trunk has holes for easy mounting of luggage nets and for screwing any individual fixings.

More 4x4 roof racks are covered with "cracked desert" stove paint applied in powder coating technique. This strong structure gives an effect similar to the RAPTOR coating.

- To mount the trunk, make holes in the roof of the vehicle (in the railing rails)
   and secure the platform attachment with rivets (supplied).

* The price is for the ready platform with dedicated mounts for Toyota Land Cruiser J120,
   however, without the cost of lighting.

Product designed and made in Poland

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