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Roof Rack More4x4 Hard Top

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820,00 €

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Application: Pick-up vehicles with built-in hardtop packs
Platform dimensions: 120 cm x 120 cm

More 4x4 roof rack with dimensions of 120x120cm dedicated to pickup cars with mounted hardtop cargo space.

The trunk in the version designed for mounting on the roof of the pickup packs has a special design of mounting paws which is easily adapted to the curvature of the hardtop and height adjustment to fit the trunk on the roof of the cabin.

In order to stabilize the trunk at the appropriate height and in the correct position, drill the trunk leg at the designated place and fix with the screw provided in the set. The trunk is mounted on six legs, each with two screws.

It is required to make holes in the roof of the hardtop for assembly.

On the sides of the boot platform there are mounts for 30W LED work lamps (BA006).

The platform consists of one part, it is flat from above and adapted for mounting roof tents. On the upper surface, it has holes for easy mounting of luggage nets and for screwing any individual attachments.

More 4x4 roof racks are covered with "cracked desert" stove paint applied in powder coating technique. This strong structure gives an effect similar to the RAPTOR coating.

* The price is for the ready platform with assembly system, but without the cost of lighting.

Product designed and made in Poland

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